Freeskier, Snowmobiler, mountain enthusiast and producer of "Love at First Turn" series.

The Winter that just keeps on giving.

As if March wasn’t good enough, April has been delivering in different ways. We seldom see the sun out here in Whistler and after getting pounded with non-stop snow we finally saw that elusive orb in the sky and manage to get out and bag some bigger lines!

I went out earlier this week with Eric Berger to shoot some photos for Whistler Blackcomb, here’s a sample I’ve been ok’d to share. Not bad for April on resort!

Some photos from Sled-Skiing with the boys. Loading up.

Top of the world with big lines and sun, can’t complain!

I like what I see.

Out sledding with friends and Mikael from Frontier Films.. Thank you Grant Clarke for the photo.

Thank you Maria for the following photos:

Some sled maintenance after a love tap with a tree.

Thank you Tyler Kruashar of Broken Boundary adventures for the garage time and help!

And some video!


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