Freeskier, Snowmobiler, mountain enthusiast and producer of "Love at First Turn" series.

Gaper Day Coverage on, Crud2Mud photos on

Sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been back at school at SFU the past month and I’m taking a full 25 credit course load. It has been quite the readjustment going from a busy winter in the backcountry to busy school days in the city. The past two weekends however, I’ve managed to still get out and get some adrenalin pumping through my veins in the mountains. The Crud2Mud race took place on the 27th of May on Whistler, featuring a ski race from the top to mid-mountain, followed by DH biking to the base. Here are some photos that also appeared on that I shot.

I am beyond stoked for DH Biking season, and the Whistler Bike Park crew has done a phenomenal job of snow clearing and getting trails open for us to ride!

Gaper Day also took place on May 28th, and I did coverage again for at:

Here are a few teaser photos from the article.

The Whistler Question also ran a photo of mine in the paper of Sheldon Steckman hitting the pond skim Switch.


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