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Thank you Alpinestars!

I was beyond stoked when this package arrived on my doorstep last week and a brand new Alpinestars Carbon BNS system was in the box! This is an invaluable piece of equipment that I wear every day I go snowmobiling and DH Biking. You can’t put a price on the health of your C-Spine and surrounding soft-tissue. Since I started wearing this brace a year ago, I no longer suffer whiplash or “huck-neck” while doing drops. I feel naked without it, and it still offers amazing protection while not compromising range of motion or vision. It is incredibly comfortable to wear as well which was why I initially chose this brace over other competitors. If it’s not comfortable you are less likely to use it ever day you go out riding, or you might be sacrificing performance riding. This is definitely not the case.

Here are two POV Videos of me doing sizeable drops with and without the neck brace. The evidence does not lie, and the benefits of the Alpinestars BNS system are quite obvious. The drop I wasn’t wearing the brace I suffered a soft tissue whiplash injury in my neck and spent the next two weeks in pain, extremely stiff and barely able to move my neck.

No neck brace:

Using the Alpinestars BNS System:

For more information, check out Alpinestars website at:


Sendy Saturday and some minor facial wounds.

This Saturday I went up sledding with Grant, Clint and Jorli to hit a booter that they had reshaped the night before and made quite a bit kickier/changed the trajectory on to make it quite a bit larger than previous. Things got a little sendy.

And then I shorted it by about 10 ft and hit the uphill knuckle, the ONE time I forget to put my mouthguard in!


Photo by Grant Clarke.

The commentary is priceless.

The Winter that just keeps on giving.

As if March wasn’t good enough, April has been delivering in different ways. We seldom see the sun out here in Whistler and after getting pounded with non-stop snow we finally saw that elusive orb in the sky and manage to get out and bag some bigger lines!

I went out earlier this week with Eric Berger to shoot some photos for Whistler Blackcomb, here’s a sample I’ve been ok’d to share. Not bad for April on resort!

Some photos from Sled-Skiing with the boys. Loading up.

Top of the world with big lines and sun, can’t complain!

I like what I see.

Out sledding with friends and Mikael from Frontier Films.. Thank you Grant Clarke for the photo.

Thank you Maria for the following photos:

Some sled maintenance after a love tap with a tree.

Thank you Tyler Kruashar of Broken Boundary adventures for the garage time and help!

And some video!

March Madness!

We have received an unbelievable amount of snow this march! Here are some photos and videos from this amazing month so far.

Video from Skiing at Whistler Blackcomb

Sled Skiing in the Pemberton Backcountry, 2000ft descents to the valley bottom!

Steve Lloyd is coming up this Thursday with Kevin and Mitchell Brower to shoot for the rest of the spring, it should be an amazing April to follow up an absolutely epic March!

New Edit from WIDSIX

John Roope from WIDSIX has thrown together an edit using footage of me from this winter. Check it out!


…and some footage from yesterday. Too much whip!

Stunning sunset.

Tonight I witnessed one of the most gorgeous sunsets I’ve ever seen while living in the Sea to Sky, and we have a lot of stunning sunsets! Here are some of the photos I snapped.

Thank you boys for an awesome day!

Blue-Bird Brappin’ and Snow Shoot 2012 with On Snow Magazine

The last few days of February were phenomenal. We were blessed with endless blower pow and some blue bird days, which meant time to break out the camera! Here are some shots from that week, and a few video clips.

“No Fun was had today whatsoever”

“Bars to Chest, Like a Boss”

I’d like to say a HUGE Thank you to Jimbo Morgan at Electric Visual! I received my care package a few weeks ago and have been absolutely LOVING the new goggles!

Alain gettin’ the goods.

Tyler Blair enjoying the super deep landings.

Alain in the white room!

The Man-pack in Seagrams.

Ryan Gold huckin.

Orion loves faceshots.

Stu sending it.


Grant Clarke

I had the pleasure of attending Snow Shoot 2012 with On Snow Magazine this past week. Snow Shoot is a week of product testing of all the 2013 prototype snowmobiles from all 4 major manufactuters in West Yellowstone Montana. This was my first time to Snow Shoot, and first time ever to Montana. I’d like to thank the photographers James Lissimore, and Jim, along with the guys from On Snow Magazine for having me down there for such an amazing experience! Here are a few shots I snapped from around town…

It had puked in West Yellowstone before we arrived and everything was all snowed in.

A truck towing two running snowmobiles… on the road no less.

A snowed in motel across the street from us.

The Stagecoach Inn.

Some of the Wildlife in the Lobby.

This store had the most amazing collection of Wolf shirts ever.

You bet I bought one. Pure awesomeness on a t-shirt, what more could you ever want?

James trying out the mini-sled.

Teen Wolf Makes an appearance.

Gorgeous lighting while shooting.