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Thank you Alpinestars!

I was beyond stoked when this package arrived on my doorstep last week and a brand new Alpinestars Carbon BNS system was in the box! This is an invaluable piece of equipment that I wear every day I go snowmobiling and DH Biking. You can’t put a price on the health of your C-Spine and surrounding soft-tissue. Since I started wearing this brace a year ago, I no longer suffer whiplash or “huck-neck” while doing drops. I feel naked without it, and it still offers amazing protection while not compromising range of motion or vision. It is incredibly comfortable to wear as well which was why I initially chose this brace over other competitors. If it’s not comfortable you are less likely to use it ever day you go out riding, or you might be sacrificing performance riding. This is definitely not the case.

Here are two POV Videos of me doing sizeable drops with and without the neck brace. The evidence does not lie, and the benefits of the Alpinestars BNS system are quite obvious. The drop I wasn’t wearing the brace I suffered a soft tissue whiplash injury in my neck and spent the next two weeks in pain, extremely stiff and barely able to move my neck.

No neck brace:

Using the Alpinestars BNS System:

For more information, check out Alpinestars website at:


Sled-Skiing with the Boys, it’s good to be home!

I got back from a week in Colorado at SIA and X Games only to receive an invite to race the Peak to Valley event at Whistler. It is a thigh burning 180+ GS gates with a vertical drop of 4800ft. I haven’t strapped on race skis in over 3 years since I quit racing Ski Cross. It was a super fun experience, I accidentally caught air off a roller with a rut on it from the previous 130 competitors on the starting pitch and got tossed out of the course, I almost crashed on my head but managed to get back in the course and pull it together for a 10th place finish out of 67 women. Around halfway down the course around the 3 minute mark my legs were screaming and I was in full surivival mode. This race definitely pushes personal boundaries and limitations and by the time you reach the finish 6 minutes later you know exactly what you’re made of. Thank you to James for inviting me to be part of your team, which ended up in 4th in our division and 10th overall out of 70 teams, some of which consisted of all former Canadian Team athletes or World Cup Racers. We have quite the deep talent pool resulting in a stacked field in Whistler.

The day after, I got out for an awesome day sled skiing up the Rutherford with my favorite accountants. I did some filming for a future episode of “Love at First Turn” and shot some photos as well. Enjoy!

The crew for the day.

“Oh really?”


James getting upside down.


Awesome finish to an awesome day! It’s so good to be back home!

Thank you to Graham, Graham, Jessie, Jonathan, Brad, Kevin, James and everyone else for the awesome day!